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RESEARCH                                                                                    APPLICATION OF THEORY

An investigation into survey design's effect—specifically, the structure of response options—on participants' responses. 

Use of various theoretical bases: Andragogy, Cognitive Information Processing (Working Memory), Cognitive Apprenticeship, and Schema Theoryto design a 3-session training on a specific learning technology. 

An investigation into the rapid e-learning development software features e-learning developers value. We also took a close look at the types of support developers need to become and remain marketable.

An employee in a new role is performing poorly. This documents the problem diagnosis, thedesired outcomes, and the strategies for improving performance.

An investigation into the factors that impact whether or not older workers seek training. Unpublished manuscript.

A newly created instructional design unit struggles to develop interactive and engaging courses within its determined time frame. Analysis indicates the unit’s members know how to convert an ILT course to a fully online environment, but lack the “technical skills and/or depth of knowledge” on the LMS to function as desired. Theory- and research-based strategies are proposed for improving the unit’s poor performance.

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