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Leadership: The Essentials

Instructor Manual   |   Slides  |   Student Guide

A compact, sample portion of a Leadership module. It is partially based on the historical Trait Theory of Leadership, but considers that these traits can be learned. Note that all three documents work together to give a complete learning experience.

  • group activities;  self-assessments;  discussion;  performance activity and assessment

Fire Safety

Instructor Manual   |   Slides  |   Storyboard

A 2-hour training that focuses on the appropriate use of a portable fire extinguisher. Rationale for all instructional decisions are on the final page of the instructor manual and the first page of the storyboard. Note that first two documents work together to give a more complete sense of the learning experience.

  • live and video demonstrations;  group activities;  performance assessment that mirrors on-the-job performance. 

Cruise Ship: Towel Animals

Short Plan

In the Cruise Ship industry, service can be the difference between a returning customer and a one-and-done traveler. This is a short plan for one cruise line's training on how to make towel animals—a part of its nightly cabin turn down service.

  • Gagne's nine events;  lecture-demonstration; groups; performance assessment that mirrors on-the-job performance. 

Coast Guard: Inspection Debrief Soft Skills

Long Plan

The long plan for an ILT on the soft skill of delivering negative news. United States Coast Guard inspectors are often tasked with communicating to ship captains that their vessels have failed inspection and must be put out of operation until conditions have been properly addressed.

  • lecture-demonstration; groups; performance assessment that mirrors on-the-job performance. 

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