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Earning Badges With Variables

Practice for an interview by earning knowledge badges. 

  • variable-based badging; performance assessment and reporting

Storyline On Storyline

A storyline-built interactive on the foundational elements that make storyline such a dynamic development tool.   

  • animation; video; 100% user-paced; quiz

Content on architectural design that uses interaction to reinforce factors which influence where various spaces can be located in a building. 

  • animation; audio; user-directed interactions

Hurricane Lightning

A sample quiz that could be used as an end-cap assessment, priming activity, or one facet of a larger experiential learning model.  

  • audio; animation; 100% user-paced

Awareness training on strategies businesses—as executed by their executives—can use to create and keep a loyal customer base.

  • animation; audio; video; images; branching

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