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Abou​t Me

An adaptive problem solver with varied experiences in instruction, applying knowledge meaningfully, and developing learning opportunities. A hardworking Learning & Development generalist with a strong background in psychology and education.

Specifically, I am skilled at tackling a variety of learning needs in technical, corporate, industrial, and academic environments. Whether learning calls for classroom training, online training, or some combination of both, I can design and develop the right solution.

See my LinkedIn profile andCPTDbadge.


Design, develop, and facilitate for a variety of learning contexts

Either self-paced or instructor-led. The major component being content is stored and delivered via web-based resources. Additionally, instructor-trainee and trainee-trainee communications are afforded via web-based resources. If it is impractical or undesirable for trainees to meet simultaneously in the same place, this option may be best.

When learning is best produced by having everyone in the same physical/virtual space at the same time, Instructor-led Learning will do the trick. Development of instructor manuals, student materials, and a variety of presentation materials are paramount for ILT to be successful.

Blended Learning

A combination of the other two types of learning. Some aspects of learning occur asynchronously and independently, while other aspects take place when all learner are present. One situation for which it is perfect? If your content’s practice and/or assessment works best within the live community, and the foundational knowledge can be tackled by the learner independently, then blended learning works best.

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